SINCE 1979

Mrs. Wheat's New Orleans Meat Pies

Grab & Go N'awlins Culinary Cuisine 

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Mrs. Helen Wheat, Founder

Our Spicy meat and seafood pies have long been a favorite in New Orleans and are a top selling food item at both the French Quarter and New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festivals.  Our pie recipes were handed down from Mrs. Helen Wheat, a home Economics teacher from Natchitoches, LA.  Many of her recipes can be found in old southern cookbooks to this day. 

As a general rule, people in Natchitoches are fun loving, but very serious about Meat Pies.  Mrs. Wheat was no different in that regard; her mother taught her to make a pretty spectacular Meat Pie (which happens to be the Louisiana State Food).  She felt driven to make that old recipe even better.  With her knowledge as a Home Economics Teacher and innate culinary skills, she created the exceptional recipes still used today at Mrs. Wheat's.

Mr. Jim Wheat, President
Her son, Mr. Jim Wheat, carried that love of these Louisiana pies forward with his production facilities ensuring that all peoples have the opportunity to enjoy this exceptional Louisiana culinary cuisine. Our recipes excite the taste buds. The special blend of New Orleans herbs and spices set them apart.  Jim continues to carry the torch that his mother, Mrs. Helen Wheat lit.